thePlatform boosts video workflow across formats and devices
Editor | 18-12-2012

In a bid to provide customers with scalable choices for transcoding, ingest, and file transfer technologies, thePlatform has launched a suite of smart workflow features designed to work across multiple formats and multiple devices.

Explaining the rationale for its launch, the white-label video publishing company said that many media and entertainment companies remain reliant on inefficient or manual processes for creating the various types of video formats, aspect ratios, bitrates and encryption rules needed to reach a growing number of devices.

In addition it argues that some use old transcoding technology that creates one file at a time, and others must still place phone calls to their vendors just to set up new device publishing profiles.

thePlatform asserts that its new smart workflow capabilities will allow users to access the latest cloud, hardware and software transcoding technologies to create multiple files from one source file in real-time, set up new publishing profiles themselves online, and leverage the most modern innovations in fast file transfers, video ingest technology, and more.

The new smart workflow capabilities are said to be made possible by integrations with companies such as Elemental and Harmonic for next-generation transcoding; Aspera for fast file transfer, and Akamai for its latest HTTP ingest technology supported as part of Akamai's new Sola Media Solutions.

"Multiscreen video publishing has never been more complex, and coordinating the workflow is the key to success," explained Marty Roberts, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for thePlatform.

"Companies face divergent technical and business requirements, an ever-expanding number of devices, and new technology choices on a daily basis. Our smart workflow is designed to alleviate much of this complexity for customers, while providing the flexibility to take advantage of the latest innovations to improve efficiency and scale. Next-generation transcoding, fast file transfers, and smart ingest services are just some of the latest capabilities mpx now supports."