Spain leads European smartphone market
Iñaki Ferreras | 18-12-2012

Spain has the highest rate of smartphone users in relation to total mobile phone users, as well as the highest growth rate in this area, according to data from comScore.

Smartphones have become the most popular devices in the mobile sector and the success of these devices can be seen across Europe, says comScore, with Spain leading the way. The rate of penetration of smartphones in Spain reached 63.2% in October 2012. Next in line is the UK, where the rate is 62.3%. Then comes France with 51.4%, Italy with 51.2% and Germany with 48.4%. The European average stands at 54.6%.

Spain has also seen more growth in the penetration of smartphones in the last year. According to comScore, penetration has grown by 14.8 percentage points; in the same period in 2011, smartphone ownership in Spain stood at 48.4%. This compares to the average growth in Europe of 13 percentage points.