Colombia delays DTT roll-out
Iñaki Ferreras | 18-12-2012

Colombia's DTT implementation may take longer than expected, with the country's National Television Authority (ANTV) postponing for a year the deadline of 31 December by which 49.88% of the country's population should have had a digital TV signal.

On its website, the company has reported that this delay is in response to a request by national public broadcaster Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia (RTVC) to change the time, because the deployment of the national transmission utility under DTT DVB-T2 standard is overdue.

In the statement RTVC says that although recruitment processes and infrastructure have been opened and will be awarded at the end of 2012, the proposed coverage can't yet be met.

The implementation of digital terrestrial television, which began in 2010, had a proposed schedule of coverage of 49.88% of the population by December 2012 and 63.60% by the end of 2013, reports Prensario Internacional.

ANTV wants the 63.60% coverage to become a reality in 2013, so that deadline is not due to change, and by 2018, the DTT signal is hoped to reach 92.26% of the Colombian population.