Greg McElroy, not Mark Sanchez, to start for Jets

  • Updated: Dec. 18, 2012 at 03:16 p.m.

The New York Jets have announced that quarterback Mark Sanchez will be benched this week against the San Diego Chargers. Greg McElroy, not Tim Tebow, will start.

The Jets sent out the following tweet: "#EA Greg McElroy has been named the Jets starting QB for Sunday‚??s game with the San Diego Chargers."

The 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans was the final straw for Sanchez. He threw four interceptions and fumbled the ball on the Titans 25-yard line to end the final chance to rally. Sanchez threw 13 touchdowns, 17 interceptions and completed just 54.8 percent of his passes this season.

This is something that could have happened long ago. Ryan probably feels more comfortable making the change now that the Jets are eliminated from playoff contention.

The bigger news is Tebow was passed over by McElroy, who was inactive last week. Tebow was signed during the offseason to be the No. 2 and when Sanchez is finally yanked, he's passed over? That in itself speaks volumes about how the coaching staff views Tebow. McElroy is not the quarterback of the future, so where does that leave the Jets?

The Tebow talk was constant throughout the season. It slowed recently with his injury. This will ramp it back up.