NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: 49ers take top spot from Patriots

  • By Elliot Harrison
  • Updated: Dec. 18, 2012 at 03:42 p.m.

Statement Sunday.

We said it on NFL Network all last week. Over the top? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

Let's face it: The league has become such a parity party that it's impossible to determine which teams are consistent and which are two-week wonders. We're all lulled into some kind of trance upon seeing back-to-back strong showings from a club, but the reality in 2012 is that the overall quality of play seems to be down. How else do you explain the 12-2 Houston Texans struggling, even in recent wins? Or the Atlanta Falcons getting blasted in Carolina in Week 14? Or the Detroit Lions sporting a not-so-sterling 4-10 mark one year after breaking through at 10-6?

We've been forced to swallow a large gulp of mediocrity. Thus, the eyeball test must apply in spots. So does some simple logic (where applicable).

Yeppers. Jordan, it has to be that way. And because the San Francisco 49ers jumped all the way from No. 5 to the top spot, some good teams had to drop despite wins. That's life in the Power Rankings at this stage of the season.