I have read through many hours of cache-ex questions and tutorial using http://www.satsupreme.com/showthread...-CACHE-EX-v2-0 as a basic start to learning what is required. There has been fixes to oscam regarding loopbacks and i have learned some knowledge by reading posts by the likes of CapNCook,Lenny2010, PlatoonRTV, Cybercrime, TurboPower etc

One thing I have noticed is even Turbopower, CapNCook etc have different values in there configuration files. I have more questions than answers...

I have seen a [cccam] section in oscam.server but this is not mentioned/explained in the tutorial(likewise with the wait time parameter/CSP). Although I understand the best configuration is in the eye of the beholder it would be nice to see people's working configurations and comparing them to try and get an optimised agreement ... Or at least a better understanding of why diff configurations work under different circumstances.

I know, i know there all different for mode 1,2 and 3 but as I understand it mode 3 is the only one we need concern ourselves with for creating a stable cache exchange. If we could get enough debate on this point I'm sure we could create a far more detailed and accurate tutorial with using the cache-ex functionality....

I'm not saying anything bad about the tutorial - its the most complete one out there and has been repeatedly copied on other forums(testiment to how good it is) but it is lacking key bits of information

Greatest respect to all of you that take your time to answer Newbie questions like mine.

As I'm discussung cache-ex - is their anyway that level 2 cache can be increased to supplement level 3 cache?