TDF preps new enriched DTT services

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 19-12-2012

Following the launch of six new DTT HD channels in France last week, broadcasting operator TDF has announced that it's working on new enriched DTT services including VOD, catch-up, and event channels.
Earlier in the year, TDF helped France Télévisions to launch the catch-up TV service Salto.
TDF adds that it's also engaged in controlling broadcasting costs paid by DTT channels. Next year, the new channels - which at launch cover only 25% of the French territory and hope to reach full coverage by 2014 - will pay €2.5 million, compared to €6 million in 2014 and €8.5 million in 2015. By gathering four HD channels on one multiplex in the near future, instead of the current three, TDF plans to reduce costs by 25%.