Spanish Government refuses adverts for TVE

Iñaki Ferreras | 19-12-2012

The Spanish Government has refused to change the audiovisual law to allow the national public broadcaster RTVE to incorporate commercial advertising.

Yesterday the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Cristóbal Montoro, said that the Government won't change the law in this respect, but acknowledged the corporation's financial position is "very serious" and admitted that the Government is "worried about it".
Replying to Salanueva Amelia, who asked if the Government was considering the return of advertising for the public broadcaster, as advertisers have requested, Montoro said: "The answer is no," according to Europa Press.
Montoro said that the state budget couldn't contribute much more than it's already is doing. He added that currently the advertising market is in decline and a hypothetical return of advertising to TVE would have an "economic impact on the activities performed by private media".
Montoro said that in order for RTVE to have some kind of advertising it would need to be through the "development of sponsorships" and he invited initiatives for a potential solution to the problems of funding the corporation.