Access takes HbbTV to Germany

Jörn Krieger | 20-12-2012

Korean set-top box (STB) manufacturer Fortis has integrated the NetFront Browser NX 2.0 - one of the industry's earliest HbbTV 1.5-compliant WebKit-based browsers - in its HbbTV-ready STB available in Germany.

The NetFront solution will also be available for other European markets as they roll out HbbTV services, reports Japanese software technology company Access, which developed the browser.
The NetFront NX 2.0 is an HTML5 browser which features efficient memory usage, high stability and high portability, according to Access. The solution incorporates HbbTV-compliant services such as catch-up TV, video-on-demand, interactive advertising and social networking whilst simultaneously delivering the advanced graphic features and enriched user interfaces based on HTML5.
The browser enables operators, OEMs and middleware companies to upgrade or launch HbbTV services and to deliver HTML5 content.
"It's great to be part of the continued growth of HbbTV in Germany and we are delighted that consumers can enjoy these services through our joint solution with Fortis," Tanaka Shin, CEO of Access, said in Seoul. "The Access browser solution enables Fortis to innovate in connected TV and hybrid TV environments. By combining HbbTV and HTML5 support, Access' NetFront Browser NX ensures that the Fortis set-top box stands out from other devices on the market with its dual capabilities."