Vimeo launches Xbox app

Michelle Clancy | 20-12-2012

Vimeo has released an app for Xbox 360 via the Xbox LIVE online entertainment platform, which integrates Vimeo's feel, function and user-generated content with the unique features of the Xbox 360 dashboard.

"We always want to give people the highest quality tools to shoot, share and watch their videos on any device," said Kerry Trainor, Vimeo's CEO. "By launching the Vimeo app on Xbox 360, Vimeo brings the joy of sharing and viewing videos on an HD TV to millions more households."
The Vimeo app takes advantage of the Xbox 360 experience in a number of ways. People can utilise both the hand controller and Kinect voice and gesture controls to search, browse and play videos. Vimeo members can sync their Vimeo profile with their Xbox LIVE account in order to stay logged in. It also tells them when their Xbox LIVE friends are watching Vimeo videos, and lets them share videos they like with Facebook friends. Members also can curate a collection of their favourite videos into a Vimeo album that will continuously play back on a TV.
Vimeo offers more than 14 million registered members and reaches a global audience of over 85 million each month.