Numericable launches ScreenshotTV service

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 21-12-2012

Cable and triple-play operator Numericable is launching the ScreenshotTV service from LaBox for connected TVs.

Having become very active in the connected TV field since the launch of its new set-top box (STB), Numericable is now launching the first TV image-sharing service through LaBox.
The ScreenshotTV service allows subscribers to send screenshots to their Twitter account live from their connected TV sets and simultaneously share pictures with their followers.
This service is a "world premiere", Numericable says, claiming that it is the first operator worldwide to have developed such functionality. For the service, Numericable has applied for a Euro patent and the brand ScreenshotTV has been registered as a trademark.
The ability to use Twitter live from TV sets has been available to Numericable subscribers to LaBox since April.