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Thread: Mx hc1 & mx hc2

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    Mx hc1 & mx hc2

    MX HC1 & MX HC2
    First skins in HI COLOR

    You can download from our image server.

    These skins are made on VU + Solo2
    where a show all its power and quality.
    Of course is possible to use them in other boxes
    but not with the same speed.
    MX HC2 version is lighter and faster.
    (no background buttons)

    Warning for those who continue to publish and modify my work,
    without my permission.
    Skin graphics are protected with copiright.
    And the skin can only be used modified and published with my permission
    excluding VU + Black Hole images.

    MX HC1 skin
    Category: Graphic
    MCN: CGW0Y-X7N0S-02K8Z
    copyright 2012-12-25 09:27:54 - All Rights Reserved

    MX HC2 Tested and works well in my uno

    Thx MX10
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