Tennessee Titans on pace to break shameful record

By Kevin Patra
Updated: Dec. 25, 2012 at 10:50 a.m.

Mike Munchak hopes Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams has patience with his coaching staff, but he might have a tougher argument if his team sets a league record in Sunday's finale.

The Titans are on pace to break the record for most points allowed in a season. They have allowed 451 points in 15 games, just nine fewer than that 1983 Houston Oilers squad that gave up 460 points.

Tennessee has allowed more than 20 points in 12 games, more than 30 points eight times, more than 40 three times and have given up a 50-burger twice this season, including 55 to the Green Bay Packers last Sunday.

"I think when you evaluate what you are doing you look at everything, and you can't just make rash judgments on, 'Well, they lost 55 to 7, everyone needs to go,'" said Munchak, via the Tennessean. "You have to look at why that has happened, and how do you fix that."

The Titans play the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have had some inept games this season -- three times scoring fewer than nine points -- but have averaged 18 points since quarterback Chad Henne took over the offense from injured Blaine Gabbert, including 24 points in a win over Tennessee in Week 12.

Munchak is begging for patience, but if the Titans break one of the lowliest records in the NFL, his case will be that much harder to make.