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Thread: NagraMaster v4.0.7

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    NagraMaster v4.0.7

    Thanks Zed!

    From the read me:

    NagraMaster Help File

    I am not good at help files so here is my modest attempt!

    NagraMaster has ALOT of updates.

    I will summarize the basics below:

    Open - Opens EEPROM IMAGE stored on your computer
    Save - Saves the current EEPROM IMAGE to your computer
    Exit - self explanatory
    Recent Files - saves your last 3 files you opened for quick access

    Reset - Resets CAM (checks ATR)
    Read - Reads to CARD (self detects if using loader os ISO programmer)
    Write - Reads card first and ONLY writes the diferences back to the CAM
    Write FULL EEPROM to CAM - This will write the FULL EEPROM image
    to your card (wont read cam first)
    Password Unlock - Unlocks your CAM using BD password

    Utilities Menu:
    Get/Write Dish keys - Gets and writes DISH keys to your IMAGE
    Get/Write Bev Keys - Gets and writes BEV keys to your IMAGE
    Utility Screen - Opens Utility Menu (HEX converter/Checksum toll, etc.)
    Organize/Defrag Data Space - Organize EEPROM IMAGE Tiers
    Sort Tiers - Sorts EEPROM IMAGE Tiers
    Tier Generator - Opens Tier Generator program/utility

    D2C - Opens D2C utility to send D2C to your CAM
    Patch - Opens PATCH File Utility (ep102 and ep103 patches)

    Unlock Card - Glitcher ROM 102 (rev 103-105)
    Unlock Card - Glitcher ROM 102 (rev 106-108)
    Unlock Card - Glitcher ROM 103
    Edit EEPROM P - Allows editing of EEPROM P
    Edit EEPROM Q - Allows editing of EEPROM Q
    Tier Date Editor - as it says
    Code Dissassembler - Will open up a window where you can cut & paste bits of code
    to dissassemble.

    BIN Compare Utilities:
    Open Secondary EEPROM - opens another EEPROM for comparing
    Compare EEPROMS - compares the two OPEN EEPROM IMAGES (loaded into app)
    Generate PATCH File - Generate PATCH file from EEPROM differences (highlighted GREEN)
    Show EEPROM Differences - show EEPROM Differences as PATCH FILE

    If you "RIGHT CLICK" on the EEPROM GRID it will open up another menu system altogether.
    I am sure that those that know what to do with it will figure it out. Those that dont
    must do some reading.

    I hope the options are self explanatory. If you have problems, please post in

    Enjoy and Happy Testing !


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    Re: NagraMaster v4.0.7

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainHowdy View Post
    Thanks Zed!

    From the read me:

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