Nokia, Maxus tap Vuclip to provide mobile video social media solution

Editor | 27-12-2012

Vuclip has been selected by Nokia and Maxus India to promote the Trendify brand campaign for the Lumia 510 smartphone on its mobile video portal and social networks.

The independent mobile video provider says that nearly two-thirds of its 14 million Indian users share videos primarily through Facebook and Twitter, making it the ideal platform to integrate Trendify, and for the first time, as part of the product innovation involving a seamless integration with Vuclip, the service’s ‘Share’ button has been temporarily replaced with ‘Trendify’ in order to encourage users to trend their videos directly on at the click of a button, which in turn can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing sites.

Each month, Vuclip claims to deliver over 1.2 billion minutes of videos on as many as 5,500 different mobile handsets globally. In India specifically, Vuclip boats over 14 million monthly active users out of the total 45 million users globally.

Expressing confidence in what it can do for the campaign, Vuclip expects more than 55 million videos be viewed in two weeks through this campaign. In addition to its mobile portal, Vuclip has also integrated Trendify with its own social media properties.

Commenting on the ambition for the project, Viral Oza, marketing director, Nokia India said: “Through the Trendify campaign we wanted to connect to the urban youth on a platform and space that is relevant to them. The youth today are socially connected 24/7 and have their own take on life. They experiment to express their originality, creativity and individuality. Topics that trend affect their lives in a big way and [they are] their tool to express themselves on the bigger stage. This was the genesis of the Trendify campaign … By leveraging Vuclip, world’s leading mobile video platform, we wanted to bring the Indian youth even closer to the Trendify campaign.”

Added Unny Radhakrishnan, digital head (South Asia), Maxus India, commented: “Nokia wanted us to craft a campaign which exemplifies trendifying in the DNA of each of its core elements. Leading the curve in mobile video sharing, Vuclip fitted well with our strategy in helping us connect the Nokia “Trendify” campaign with millions of users in a fun, sharing way almost instantly.

"One of the essential criteria that worked in their favour was that besides being a leader in mobile video sharing, their team was quick to internalise the core philosophy of our novel campaign, think out of the box with creative application of technology, and adapt to make functional enhancements that added value to our campaign, instead of just cosmetic changes.”