China online video blow as state tightens its grip on Internet

Louise Duffy | 27-12-2012

Chinese censors may require Internet users to register with their real names and Government identity cards when signing up with networks providers, according to state media.

Many social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China, as is the YouTube online video service.

Once the new regulations are in place, the Government will be able to monitor people visiting different websites and determine why certain sites, particularly foreign ones, are popular.

"The law should escort the development of the Internet to protect people's interest," said the People's Daily. "Only that way can our Internet be healthier, more cultured and safer."

Earlier this year, the Government introduced similar rules for microblogging sites such as Weibo, forcing users to register their real names, pointing out that it was aiming to prevent people from making malicious and anonymous accusations online.