Week 17 predictions: Cowboys down Redskins for NFC East title

  • By Elliot Harrison
  • Updated: Dec. 27, 2012 at 12:46 p.m.

And we're there ...

Week 17, unbelievably, has arrived, and not without some juice. The No. 1 seed is up for grabs in the AFC. The NFC West has been guaranteed to no one. The NFC East is anybody's boxing match.

What a game that will be in Washington. The Redskins and their fans would be fired up about the opportunity to finish with 10 wins, but to win the NFC East, while closing the door on the Dallas Cowboys' season? Come on. What an atmosphere. Bear in mind that the guy taking snaps with the star on his helmet has been balling more than any quarterback in the NFL this side of Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson over the last month or so. Again, what a treat this de facto NFC East title game will be.