Canal+ Yomvi gets thumbs up from subscribers

Iñaki Ferreras | 28-12-2012

A year after Canal+ Spain's online platform Canal+ Yomvi was officially launched, Diego Corraliza says the service has been "very well valued" by subscribers.

Talking to Rapid TV News Spain, Corraliza, director general of the digital division of Prisa TV which owns the platform, said that in its first year the platform's results have been "very positive in terms of approval by Canal+'s satellite subscribers".
Corraliza explained that the company's goal and fundamental focus is to be able to offer an added-value service which makes a difference, as iPlus or HDTV did some time ago.
Due to the high penetration of the service and the use that subscribers have made of it, the director general concludes that "Our goal has been fulfilled".
He says that the most popular contents among users are films and premium series. "We can also highlight sporting events, very much associated with mobile devices such as iPads or mobile phones," he adds.
When asked if the satellite platform competes with the online service, the executive said: "Our main goal was to be able to increase our client base ... we launched a service only for online clients who want to enjoy a quality content premium service with cinema, series and soccer without having to down load it illegally." In this way the online service doesn't compete with the satellite TV platform, according to Corraliza. "The online platform is a service addressed to an Internet clientele ... it makes part of a category of audiovisual consumption that still has not been developed, and we want to be the first ones to do so in Spain," he said.
As for its plans in 2013, Canal+ Yomvi will improve and evolve the user experience and at the same time increase its presence in digital devices, fundamentally those aimed at the big screen. Unfortunately, says Corraliza, both of these plans have been limited by the absence of a security standard and DRMs suitable for all devices.