Telenet reaches 500,000 mobile customers

December 28, 2012 09.57 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Telenet has reached the milestone of half a million mobile telephony customers.

Telenet’s customer base almost doubled in just six months, with this being entirely due to the success of King and Kong, the transparent tariff plans which were launched in late July and include voice minutes, text messages and mobile internet.

Five months after the release of the new price plans on July 27, 2012, Telenet reached the milestone of half a million mobile telephony customers. This is almost double compared to the end of June 2012, when the company had 275,000 mobile subscribers. Telenet started offering mobile services in 2006.

Patrick Vincent, CCO Telenet in a statement: “We are pleased that King and Kong firmly positioned Telenet in the mobile segment. The great success of the new tariff plans is proof that the mobile market has been rejuvenated. Customers no longer associate Telenet only with television, fixed telephony and internet but now also with mobile.

“Customers opt for the King and Kong tariff plans because of their transparency, competitiveness and simplicity and include a large amount of mobile Internet, voice minutes and SMS.”

Currently, 49% of the mobile Telenet customers are actively using mobile internet. Since the launch of King and Kong, the use of mobile internet has increased on average by 15% per mobile Telenet customer. There is a clear acceleration of the market trend since the launch of the new tariff plans, helped by the Telecommunications Act, which was introduced in October, according to the Belgian cabler.