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Thread: TV Globo Internacional and Humax VACI 5300

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    Cool TV Globo Internacional and Humax VACI 5300

    Hello there,

    Could anyone tell me if I can get TV Globo Internacional with my Humax VACI 5300 ? It has 2 common interfaces. Also I have a cam called Matrix Reloaded.

    In case my specs is not compatible, could you advise me what receiver+cam I should buy ?

    Thanks for any feedback.


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    Re: TV Globo Internacional and Humax VACI 5300

    Hi. TV GLOBO is currently available on HOTBIRD 13 east with latest NAGRA 2 keys. (you should find keys in NAGRAVISON key section of this forum). It depends if your receiver is patchable to enable the keys to be inserted. I am not familiar with your type of receiver but you can look in the RECEIVER section for further help. It will also give you some ideas on what receiver you might be interested in.

    Take care

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    Re: TV Globo Internacional and Humax VACI 5300

    there is allcam patch for vaci5300 on but very old it will accept funcard, for funcard use irdeto2 cam . patch or modified soft is very old ..good luck

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