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Thread: Looking for someone to repair my Spiderbox 9900HD

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    Looking for someone to repair my Spiderbox 9900HD

    I have the F100 problem with my Spiderb** 9900HD and despite my best efforts I am not able to repair this receiver.

    I have been given this advice by Aldo on another site and I think this could be my problem as I have 2 receivers!

    "In all cases IF the recovery software did not work then replacing the TIP42C transistor just in front of the tuner did cure the fault BUT it really needs an engineer to do this as the motherboard needs to be removed from the receiver and great care is needed in the unsoldering of the faulty part and soldering in the replacement part.
    This is defiantly not a job for an inexperienced person or "well meaning friend" to tackle whoever does it will need preferably a soldering station and an iron with a fine tip and be experienced in working with through hole plated PCB's.
    I cant guarantee this will fix all "F100" faults where the recovery tool has failed but in several cases the TIP42C replacement did restore full working to the receivers.
    I have a feeling that this fault could (not 100% sure) be caused by loop through when both receivers are on at the same time or maybe incorrect earthing when two receiver are connected to each other but these are just my guess.
    Sometimes a simple visual inspection of the TIP42C will show either the middle leg (collector) melted away or in some cases "blue-ing" of the metal tab either of these signs means it is the culprit but either way it's an inexpensive part to change providing you know a competent engineer. I must repeat this IS NOT a fault that can be repaired by the user UNLESS he or she is very experienced at working with PCB's and confident of their soldering abilities"

    Does anyone knows a person than can repair my Spiderb** 9900HD. The TIP42C transistors are only a couple of quid!

    Thanks for any help in this matter.


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    Re: Looking for someone to repair my Spiderbox 9900HD

    Just to let you know that the shop are supplying a "refurbished" Spiderbox 9000 HD as a replacement for my Spiderbox 9900HD, as still was under warranty.

    They said to me that the 9000 model is far more reliable! They would say that, woudn't they!

    At least I will be able to connect my Cccam lines again!

    Not yet here.

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