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Thread: petition to every user who exchanges 0963

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    Exclamation petition to every user who exchanges 0963

    hi Guys!
    I have a petition to every responsible User who is thinking about Exchanging 0963 Cache!
    I urge you to stop doing it!
    The reason is simple - one way or other your cache will get to pay servers
    0963 Provider is taking already anti CS measures by significantly increasing ECM request times what makes 0963 CS ways more difficult but still usable as a hobby.
    If they do not see results by this measure and "gifts" will continue to be sold on ebay, Cs online accounts and so on.... other measures will be taken ( HW pairing is next logical step)
    by giving away your cache you make the life for pay servers much easier - I urge you to stop it or soon it will be nothing to "cache" for you!

    Please keep 0963 alive!

    Many thanks to everybody who is able to understand that

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    Re: petition to every user who exchanges 0963

    delete post

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    Re: petition to every user who exchanges 0963

    I understand you line of thoughts, however I honestly believe that it won't help. Two thoughts;

    1. I don't think that holding a petitions here will help significantly. The reason for this is because there are many other websites where people can exchange cache or locals.
    2. Wouldn't you believe that Sky is already planning on taking other actions to prevent cardsharing? I believe that they are developing plans with measures such as hardware pairing, SID limitations and such. A similar trend is already taking place at providers such as Canal+, Nova and Digiturk.

    Just my 2 (euro) cents!

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    Re: petition to every user who exchanges 0963

    Sorry but this is nonsense.
    Why you decided to start petition in oscam cache exchange section ?
    This is new and still unfinished cache exchange system which have not more than 100 enthusiasts.
    It is ridiculous to say that paid servers use exactly oscam cacheex.
    I guess you know that there are other cache exchange emulators developed in years and with thousands members.

    Happy New Year to all.

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    Re: petition to every user who exchanges 0963

    Providers always try to stop cardsharing, that is the game between cat & mouse.
    Stopping cache exchange is not the solution for stopping payservers...

    I think providers can't stop sharing and we can't stop payservers.....

    Happy New Year!

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