Marlins cite policy, would listen to offers for Stanton

By Joe Frisaro /12/30/12 10:17 PM ET

MIAMI -- Giancarlo Stanton is a force in the middle of the Miami Marlins' lineup. But like any player in the organization, the 23-year-old slugger is not considered untouchable.
But that doesn't mean the Marlins are actively looking to deal Stanton or that the club is planning on trading him anytime soon.
Still, Stanton speculation is running high.
On Sunday, the All-Star right fielder's name surfaced once again after a Sirius/XM/MLB Network Radio report.
Marlins assistant general manager Dan Jennings was a guest on the "Front Office" show, with hosts Jim Bowden and Jim Duquette.
Jennings was asked if the Marlins would listen to offers for Stanton. Per company policy, the team does so on any player.
"Oh, I think that's been our [modus operandi]. I know in the 10 years I've been here, that's our M.O.," Jennings said. "We've never not listened to a deal on any player. Sometimes I chuckle when I hear people say, 'This guy's untouchable,' and 'That guy's untouchable.' You know what? They may be untouchable, until someone either overwhelms you or you get a package back that makes such a significant improvement on your club going forward. So we've always been willing to listen."
Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest has long made the same points.
"I think Larry, he's never said, 'No.' But what we're not going to do is move a player for less than what we value their ability," Jennings said. "In Giancarlo Stanton, you've got a guy that we think going forward has got a chance to be a .300 hitter and [hit] 50 home runs and be a guy that is a big-time run producer.
"So while we're not shopping him, certainly not looking to move him, yeah, if someone knocked on our door and said, 'Hey, would you guys consider this and this and this,' you have to listen."
Basically, Jennings repeated the team policy, and there isn't anything new, other than a team official publicly addressing Stanton by name.
Yes, the Marlins would move Stanton, but only for a tremendous haul, which means he would essentially clean out the top prospects of any organization. It would basically take four or perhaps five players to complete a deal for Stanton.
Stanton will not be arbitration eligible until 2014, and he isn't eligible for free agency until after the 2016 season. So the Marlins are in no rush to trade Stanton. Yet, it remains highly unlikely he will agree to a long-term contract.
It is appearing more inevitable that sometime before he reaches free agency that Stanton will be moved, because the Marlins are reloading their roster, and will look to add as many quality pieces in the next few years.