Ok... well, it seem that LOTS of others have trouble when setting up their Satellite cards and Software.

So the SilverDragon is gonna give ya a little tutorial.. here we go.

OK first insert ya Card into the, any, PCI slot, now instaling the DRIVERS, ALWAYS follow the instruction that came with them for install. Usually, though, the "Device" will be "Autodetected". But if not, OR, you are advised NOT to do it, in this case, either you run the SETUP for the Drivers/Application OR by Right clicking the .INF and choose "Install" usually works. In any even ENSURE the MOST RECENT drivers are installed. Check by going into device manager, and checking "Properties".

So NOW we first need to know these Three things, Angle of Satellite, Compass Bearing of Satellite & LNB "Twist".

Also I have seen many people finding it hard to setup thier Dishes, well, here, it is IMPORTANT to ensure that this is all 100% spot on too. Here's how.... Make sure that you have all the details of your setup, ie: Dish "Look" angle, and the Satellite's Compass bearing. First "Roughly" set it up on the ground first, setting "Look Angle" & "LNB Twist".

OK, When using an "Offset" Dish, you alread have an "Angle" between 20 - 23 degrees, (usually 22 degrees) which MUST be subtracted from the Actual Satellite angle, Say as in my case you have OPTUS C1, at 67 degrees UP from Horizontal, then the Actual Angle the Dish is set to is 44 Degrees, (44 + Dish angle of 22 = 67) this is Set on the Scale on the SIDE of the Tiltable Dish Head. So SET to calculated angle & gently lock it.(Tighten Nut & Bolt).

With a "Centre Mounted LNB", then the "Look" angle is the actual angle of the Satellite, Through the Middle of the Dish LNB, & in this case the 67 Degrees, is again "Set" on the Scale on the side of the Dish & gently lock (Tighten Nut & Bolt).

Then, the Compass Bearing is the next thing to know.. In my case it is 320 degrees. North is 0/360 East is 90 Degrees, South is 180 Degrees, West is 270 Degrees, so MY Direction is then BETWEEN West & North, closer to North/360/0.

When this is so, and the "Look Angle" has been Set, in MY case, to the prior mentioned 44 Degrees.Then we must Set the "Polarization Tilt", or "How much we twist the LNB Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise", Again in MY case the LNB must have a "Twist" of -19 degrees (Minus 19 degrees means a Clockwise, Right Hand, Twist of 19 degrees) this is set at the LNB "Mount", and is simply Aligned against the Marks on the LNB & the "Mount" & "Twisting" accordingly. The LNB is also "Tuned" by Backwards & Fowards movement, ie: into & away from the Dish surface. Set the LNB about half way along its Length to begin with. The "Fine Tuning" is usually done once a "Locked" Signal has been obtained, afer first "Roughly" setting the "Dish Angle" & the LB "Twist" & Compass Direction.

NOW set the MAST of the Dish so that when, WELL, Mounted, the head of the Mounting Pipe Head is 100% Vertical, at 90 Degrees to the Horizon, this is MOST important. Then & only then can the moving from side to side be undertaken.

Then you must set up the Direction, in again MY case, it is 320 Degrees which means that the ARM, holding the LNB, "Points" in that Direction... (actually it is a line drawn mid-way through LNB). That Points down the Compass Bearing.

Now using the "Progfinder" program, gently tune the Dish, by moving slightly along the Horizon, ie, left to right, right to left. VERY SMALL INCREMENTS, Move and then stand away, and check for Signal "Quality" & "LOCK", remember, it takes time for the Signal to "Lock" so be patient. Basically it is Move Dish, Move away, check...repeat.

What I do, is, I use my Laptop & Remote Desktop and RDP in to the PC with the Card & Progfinder installed and take the Laptop to the "Dish" then I "Open" "Progfinder" and Adjust the Dish for maximum Signal & Quality. Or you can use a Satelite Meter, Or you can use another party and shout or use walkie talkies, (keep them OFF unless actually using, they can muck it all up, but the Wifi seems OK tho)

When all done you then Tighten ALL the Bolts on ALL the Adjustments of the Dish. Remember that sometimes even the "Spring" or "Relax" of the Dish, can Put it Out of alignment, Sometimes it can be real "Fine". Generally depending on the Signal Strength in the "Footprint" of the Transponder, the more signal the less "Fine" it is and where there is only a little Signal, then the "Finer" it is, meaning ya have to "Point" your Antenna more or less 100% DIRECTLY at the Satellite's Antenna to get an acceptable Signal/Quality level.

NOW remember that a little movement here, can bring great gains OR losses... As said, Tuning generally MUST be done with some sort of Signal "Indicator" either a Satellite Meter, OR Satellite Tuning Software. But I have setup on the ground, put the Dish up dialed in the Compass Bearing and with all the "Dry" half-way settings it worked great first time. It does depend on Signal Saturation though greatly, As well as ones initial setting up accuracy.

Well I hope this has helped. Progfinder is a great program.

Now I have seen lots of people confused about Signal Strength & Quality. "Quality" is the MOST "Important" & it is quite possible to have Lots of "Signal Strength", but NO "Quality". When "Tuning the Dish" this is what you want, Good "Quality", use a Freeware program called "Progfinder" and use this to Align/Tune the Dish with the Satellite. Tune until you have GOOD SIGNAL STRENGTH & GOOD QUALITY" signal, one that shows a "Locked Signal" (in my case, with MY Setup, Twinhan 1020A, OPTUS B1, "Quality", NEVER goes above 33%, with the Signal Strength at 66%) When you have this all done, THEN proceede to Using the Installed software to View the Programs from Satellites. My reading are on OPTUS C1 66% Signal Strength & 33% Quality and I get a PERFECT picture.

Now install the Software you wish, the Application that came with your card or, say AltDVB, DVBDream, Mytheatre, ProgDVB, etc, etc. NOW you MUST set up the LNB correctly, usual settings are LOF1:9750MHz, Switch:11700, LOF2:10600 These are Printed, generally, on the LNB, &/OR with the Documentation that came with. MAKE SURE there is Power "ON" to the LNB. Choose a Satellite and scan. Now make sure that you "Apply" each setting before moving to the next.

Note: USUALLY it is BEST to use the Software that came with the card to initially Setup the Card, THEN, once it is all OK, then, use the "Other" third party Software, 'cause if it won't work with that software, then usually it will NOT work with the "Others". But that's NOT always the case.

Now, sometimes Programs such as ProgDVB, will NOT start correctly, often with an error that it "Can't start the Device", or "Unable to connect Filters" etc, this usually means that the "Startup Loading" of the programs "Filters, Drivers etc" the .ax & .dll files, has failed, generally they have become "Unregistered", or cannt be "Found" etc, so what I do in this case, in say, again, ProgDVB, is to Edit the "Filters" Directory file called "Register.bat" and ADD thsource.ax to the list of .dll & .ax files already there, LC.DLL, m2vd.ax, el2ad.ax, & ADD, thsource.ax & mcmpgdec.dll, generally I "Re-register" any & ALL "Filters" in those sorts of Directories, of the relevent program and making sure that any necessary Files are in the relevent directory, then if there are any problems, I simply run the "Register" BAT file and then you should be back in business. One could even go as far as to make a Batch File that Registers them each time & with the final line starting the actual program, if you have ongoing problems.

The SilverDragon..DownUnder

PS: I hope this will help, I hope I have got it all right, But if I have left anything out, or ya don't understand something or if ya simply need more help, drop me a line and I will see what I can do. I am an Computer/Electronics Engineer with ova 35 years hands on experience.