Mike Ditka: Bears firing of Lovie Smith 'ridiculous'

By Kevin Patra
Updated: Jan. 1, 2013 at 08:17 a.m.

Legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka called coach Lovie Smith's firing "ridiculous" after the team's 10-6 season.

Talking with WBBM-TV on Monday night, Ditka pointed out that

if the Green Bay Packers had won, the Bears would have made the playoffs and Smith probably keeps his job.

"You find out as you get through life if you're a coach there's a good chance some day you might be fired, and there's no loyalty," Ditka said.

The former Bears coach, who was fired by the organization following the 1992 season, famously saying "This, too, shall pass" after his dismissal, said Smith will easily find another coaching gig.

Smith was fired Monday after his team failed to make the playoffs after a 7-1 start, the second straight season in which the Bears suffered a major second-half collapse.

While Ditka blasted the decision, he said the Bears have the right to do what they deem is in their best interest.

"The people who own the ball and bat -- they've got a right to call the game," Ditka said. "So, if they want to fire someone, they fire them."