Mike McCoy learned from last year's interview tour

  • By Kareem Copeland
  • Updated: Jan. 3, 2013 at 07:42 p.m.

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy learned a lesson from his interview tour last year. He spoke with the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars about their head-coaching jobs before canceling with the Oakland Raiders.

McCoy had a second interview with the Dolphins and seemed to have the job. They hired Joe Philbin.

"Until you get that job, don't listen to anybody," McCoy told The Denver Post on Thursday. "Seriously, everyone had me penciled in, going to Miami last year and it was a done deal and don't get on a flight, this and that, it's your job. ... It's a learning process."

The Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals all are scheduled to interview McCoy this year. He won't be tricked this time.