Samsung unveils smart TV teaser video

January 4, 2013 08.53 Europe/London By Robert Briel

WATCH VIDEO. Samsung Electronics has released a video teasing the launch of its newest smart TV to be revealed at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas.

The CES is the largest consumer electronics show in North America, to be held from January 8-11.

Major smart TV announcements are expected from CE manufacturers including Samsung and LG.

Around Christmas there were some rumours in the US blogosphere that Intel would also announce the upcoming launch of its own set-top box for smart Tv services, but these reports were later retracted.

The Intel story replaced the usual guessing game whether Apple would finally announce its Apple TV. Traditionally, Apple is not present in the CES but decides on it won calendar.

Meanwhile, Samsung is trying to steal the hype with its teaser video. In this video, the TVs are coming out of their home and a shopping mall and leaving on a trip, riding a bus and a skateboard.

The TVs are gathering around a large venue which reminds of CES and the TVs are staring in the same direction. The video ends there with a large object on display covered by a white veil.

Last year, Samsung also released a CES teaser video, which received the Platinum Marcom Award in November.