Telemadrid nears closure

Iñaki Ferreras | 04-01-2013

Madrid's regional public broadcaster Telemadrid is going through the worst time in its history; the company has serious financial problems and is close to shutting down.

However, it seems the regional Government doesn't want to let the broadcaster, which began official transmissions in 1991, close down, but instead wants to privatise it.

Now the regional TV company has decided to fire a 30% of its workers. The situation is so bad that all of its workers have been on strike for weeks, so there have been no transmissions.

The unions and the company tried to close a deal yesterday to minimise the damages this firing will cause to the company's 925 workers. But for the moment no agreement has been reached, and if this situation continues 30% of the staff will be sacked.

According to the newspaper ABC, the offer presented by the unions suggests a volunteer plan of retirement with a salary compensation of 28 days per year worked, with a limit of 18 months. The company's management calculated that the initiative would be workable for a total of 100 workers, but the final situation is not clear.

It appears that no private company wants to take over Telemadrid, at least for the moment.