Cooperativas de Córdoba lays fibre optics network

Jane Wolfe | 04-01-2013

Argentina's telco company Cooperativas de Córdoba has laid 146km of fibre optics in the city of Córdoba.

The investment for the operation amounted to $509 billion and some 30,000 users will benefit from it, according to Prensario Internacional.

The deployment was financed by Arcoop, and the installation will serve to improve the telco services in the cities of Los Cisnes, La Carlota, Santa Eufemia, Chazón, Ucacha, Bengolea, Etruria, La Laguna and Ausonia, reports the information agency Ansol.

Through this initiative the cable and digital TV services will improve, as will Internet access due to increased competition in a market in which there was previously a monopoly.