This is my setup and my caids

- OScam unstable 1.20 #8061
- Cacheex Mode 3
- Protocol is CCcam
- Current Cachesize is 4178
- My locals are 0604 (Dutch cableprovider ZIGGO), 0100:00006A (CNL), 0500:043800 (Redlight Elite HD)
Also in my cache 0100:00006C (TVV), 0963 (SKY UK) and 1702 (SKY Germany)

I run a dedicated cacheex server on Debian Sqeeuze. Online 24/7. Reboot every night at 05:00
Tell me which caids you have in your cache and what setup you run. OScam 1.20 build #8061 or higher is preferred
Your server has to be online 24/7. Please no fake CW's or a OScam server running on a receiver. Cacheex demands lots of CPU power.

We can also exchange regular C-lines next to a cacheex exchange. PM me and maybe we can start sharing.