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Thread: Which receiver to go for after a Protek 9600?

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    Which receiver to go for after a Protek 9600?


    Sorry if this is a bit of a daft question, but i've had a Protek 9600ip for the past few years, and now the box no longer "opens" up the
    channels / packages it originally did, i was wondering if there is a new receiver that does all this?

    feel free to Pm me any details of what receiver i should be looking for.

    I currently have an 80cm Motorised dish.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Which receiver to go for after a Protek 9600?


    have a look to a linux receiver as like dreambox (clone or original), vu duo/solo.


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    Re: Which receiver to go for after a Protek 9600?

    Thanks for the reply. I've had a look at these and they seem to do the same job as my old protek, only from what i've seen, buying a dream box can be a bit of a mine field if you buy the from the wrong person...
    There seems to be a lot of cheap models for sale offering a "free gift" for 12 months - would i be right in thinking that these are clones of the original, and to buy the genuine dream box and avoid these cheap clones like the plague?

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