Lakers' Dwight Howard says he's questionable Sunday against Denver

By Royce Young | Blogger

January 5, 2013 3:59 pm ET

You know what this Lakers season is missing? For a star player to be injured and miss some time.
What's that?
The latest Laker to potentially go down is Dwight Howard, who told reporters Saturday he may sit Sunday against the Nuggets to rest a sprained right shoulder he suffered against the Clippers on Friday.
Late in the second half, Howard was headed up for a dunk but Caron Butler reached in and slapped the ball away. The force of Howard going up meeting with Butler's swipe on the ball tweaked Howard's shoulder. He appeared to be in pain immediately, but remained in the game, moving his arm in circular motions.
If Howard is unable to go, Mike D'Antoni has a choice. Does he just go small and play Pau Gasol at center with Metta World Peace at power forward? Or does he start Jordan Hill and let Gasol play with another big?
Questions D'Antoni would probably very much prefer to not have to think about.