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Thread: problem mvision receiver

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    problem mvision receiver

    please help my mvision fcis-7000 receiver after firmware and boot loader is not working not booting any help only power led is on no communication with rs232

    thank you

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    Re: problem mvision receiver

    Tu trouves un fichier joint pour débloquer ton IRIS 7000
    lis bien avant de procéder au déblocage.

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    Talking Re: problem mvision receiver

    What procedure and firmware did you use for you update process?
    Can tell you already, reading the symptoms(only red LED after reboot) if you upgraded from .MDR software to .UPB software without updating the bootloader first to 2.44_up, you will need a JTAG on the receiver(reprogramming the flashBIOS of the receiver). Without that the receiver will be unreachable for communication.

    Brgrds, Erik.

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    Re: problem mvision receiver

    What would work for same prob on fs8000?


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