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Thread: How to insert week aes keys into predator

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    How to insert week aes keys into predator

    It is enough to carry out a research with google to note that all informations relative on this subject are not or more available.

    Thus, version 1.10 of draconcrypt whose file contained table 3.48 is untraceable, and the patchtable necessary to dragoncam patcher, is also untraceable.

    Would the subject be taboo?

    Translate from french into english language.

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    Re: How to insert week aes keys into predator

    yes this would interest me too...
    sometimes i can not see this site, because of server charge...
    and i did not found an other site that has the last predator patch so fast..
    but i found a lot of site with AES keys, so it would be great if someone tell us how to do

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