ABC and to provide children's content to affiliates

Louise Duffy | 07-01-2013

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and live-streaming company have signed an agreement that enables high-profile children's content from ABC to be available through Spondo's syndication platform and dedicated children's channel.

Content includes The Wiggles, Bob The Builder, Dorothy The Dinosaur, and many others, and will be available at which launches today (7 January).

Organisations such as children's charities, schools, childcare centres and others can sign up as an affiliate to offer Spondo's channel, which includes the ABC content, to their members and generate revenue. Spondo has announced that Starlight Children's Foundation Australia will headline its participating charities.

Spondo provides a proprietary platform for content providers to syndicate their content across a wide range of websites and devices. This service creates additional revenue opportunities for both parties as well as enabling a much larger audience to view the content online via affiliate networks and their communities.

"We are thrilled to be working with the ABC and their library of some of the world's most beloved children's shows," said Spondo CEO Geoff Collinson. "Now, parents and children around the world will be able to watch their content while organisations, such as charities, childcare centres and schools, will be able to offer the ABC's content to their communities through our platform. It's a huge step forward for us."

The ABC has long dominated the genres of children's, documentaries, news, and lifestyle programming in Australia and, in recent years, have been able to widen these offerings to select markets via distribution deals. But with Spondo, anyone, anywhere, through any site that creates a playlist of their content, can enjoy the wonderful shows for which the ABC has become famous.

"The ABC believes that its programming is relevant to the world at large, yet legacy terrestrial and cable deals have limitations," said ABC's General Manager of Digital Business Development, Robert Hutchinson. "With Spondo's innovative syndication model, our shows can be seen anywhere, through any site. This represents a new and very exciting opportunity for us to reach beyond our traditional outlets."

Starlight Children's Foundation Australia is among the country's best known charities with a mission to brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children, and their families, throughout Australia.

Starlight CEO, Louise Baxter, commented: "Starlight has always used entertainment as part of our distractive programs to support the well being and resilience of seriously ill children. This opportunity sees families being able to access top quality content from trusted companies while supporting Starlight at the same time." is Spondo's online children's channel where content is curated regularly from the library of over 2,500 titles from the ABC. Affiliates can sign up and then market this site out to their communities, donation-base and network with the affiliate gaining a revenue share from every video watched. Starlight Foundation supporters can access the channel through their website

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