CES 2013: Stream TV shows off ultra-def 3D TV displays, STB

Michelle Clancy | 07-01-2013

Stream TV Networks has debuted its proprietary ultra-definition television technology for no-glasses 3D TV, dubbed Ultra-D 2160p.

The company has taken the wraps off the 31.5" and 60" Ultra-D 2160p displays for the consumer market, with Ultra-D glasses-free 3D content demos showcasing movies, sports, animation, digital signage and video game applications.

The unveiling, which took place at CES 2013, also incorporates the Ultra-D 2160p SeeCube real-time conversion set-top box, which provides 2D to 3D-without-glasses and 3D-with-glasses to 3D-without-glasses content conversion in resolutions up to true 2160p.

"Response to the literally breakthrough, scalable 3D viewing experience made possible with our new Ultra-D 2160p technology, which until now, has only been shown in private road show meetings, has been incredible," said Stream TV Networks CEO Mathu Rajan. "We are excited about the first public showing and are ready to help usher in the next evolution in television."

Stream TV Networks first announced it had developed an algorithm to boost existing content to deliver heightened resolution to between 1080p and 2160p, at the IFA Trade Show in Berlin in August.

The Ultra-D 2160p technology integrates a proprietary hardware optical system to a 4K display, and uses the disparity between images to produce a higher resolution output than the source. This allows for glasses-free 3D without any viewing angles, distortion or other restrictions using the Ultra-D 2160p 4K display. Consumers can use any type of source content and convert it into customized 3D without glasses, the company said, including cable and satellite TV, Blu-ray, Xbox, iTunes, Apple TV, Google TV, YouTube, Netflix and other feeds.