CES 2013: YuMe boosts connected TV monetisation with 'Click-to-Ngage' video ad unit

Editor | 07-01-2013

Digital brand advertising software and services company YuMe has launched a new, interactive, long-form video ad unit to create what it calls ‘engaging’ brand opportunities for the connected TV platform.

The new Click-to-Ngage unit is delivered through YuMe’s Connected Audience Network and is claimed to be able to provide agencies with the ability to showcase products beyond the standard 30-second television spot and to actively engage consumers with video advertising content.

This new ad unit is attributed with being able to offer increased engagement, improved metrics, and an opportunity to run long-form video advertising efficiently while the viewer is attentive and in a brand-receptive environment. Click-to-Ngage includes immersive tabs for different types of content including videos so that consumers can spend more time with a brand.

Stating that the connected TV ecosystem continues to evolve and offer new media opportunities that pave the way for new media potential, YuMe says that its new ad unit offers a low-clutter and low-ad load opportunity for brands that typically compete within traditional, highly-saturated media. “As the living room fast becomes the 'hub' of household digital entertainment, connected TV is poised to emerge as the centre of that digital ecosystem that will enhance the way consumers interact with brands,” explained Telisa Yancy, director of advertising at American Family Insurance. “The consumer journey is no longer linear, it’s complex, and connected TV allows us to interact with consumers in a new and engaging way.”

Already YouMe has signed up Buick, Discover Boating, and Mindshare as partners for the new advertising unit. “Ngage provides a unique opportunity to showcase stories featured in the Buick Human Highlight Reel. These longer-form videos are vignettes of former college athletes who have achieved something remarkable outside of their sport,” said Craig Bierley, Buick advertising and promotions director. “These are very rich emotional videos and make for great engagement within a connected TV environment.”

“As consumers lean forward and interact with video across multiple screens it is critical to have a first mover advantage in an emerging space like connected TV,” added Danny Huynh, senior partner, managing director, Mindshare, who believes that connected TV is a natural next step in clients’ journeys to innovate and differentiate from competitors. “In our close work with YuMe, we’ve seen that the Click-to-Ngage ad unit provides a unique experience for the medium.”