True Movies / True Movies 2: 07-01-2013.

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True Movies

For 13 months during the worst part of the Great Depression one person captured the imagination of America by eluding the FBI while on a cross-country crime spree. Starring Mark Harmon.

Love's Christmas Journey
The saga of Love Comes Softly continues in this wonderful Christmas movie. Through love, faith, and forgiveness, a heartening family reunion will become a very real Christmas miracle. Part 1/2.

In The Line of Duty: Ambush In...
...Waco. The tragic true story of how one man's religious beliefs led to the siege at Waco, Texas & the subsequent botched FBI rescue leaving dozens dead & shocking the world. With Tim Daly (Sopranos)

11642V SYM:27500 FEC 2/3

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True Movies 2

Murder of Innocence
A critically acclaimed drama charting a woman's descent into a frightening and murderous insanity, as her family tragically denies any claims of mental illness.

A Child's Cry
Based on a true story. When a shy, withdrawn six year old boy is assigned to a social worker, she believes he may have been the victim of sexual abuse. With Lindsay Wagner and Peter Coyote.

A Time To Triumph
Based on a true story. Patty Duke stars as a woman who decides to join the army in order to support her family after her husband suffers a heart attack.

Love Comes Softly
Marty's dream was to make a new life with her husband. But when she is widowed, she has a new opportunity - to marry a widower for convenience that leads unexpectedly to love. Stars Katherine Heigl.

As the Nazi oppression took hold, some 350,000 Polish Jews were effectively incarcerated. But a handful of Jews refused to submit to this fate, and so the uprising began. David Schwimmer stars. 2 of 2

Deep In My Heart
A trio of great actresses unite their talents for this powerful true story of an adopted woman's search for her roots. With Anne Bancroft, Lynn Whitfield and Gloria Reuben.

The Suicide's Wife
A widowed wife must raise her 13-year-old son alone, a boy who seems to blame his mother for his father's death. They try to adjust to a society that treats victims as outcasts.

The Guyana Tragedy
Powers Boothe is outstanding in this star-studded drama as cult leader Jim Jones, who led his People's Temple followers to commit mass suicide in the jungles of Guyana. Part 1 of 2.

Thou Shalt Not Kill
Wrongfully convicted of murder, a young mechanic goes to prison... where he is forced to kill in self-defence. But now the prosecution seeks the death penalty in the riveting Thou Shalt Not Kill.

The Road From Coorain
A compelling tale based on Australian writer Jill Ker Conway's celebrated autobiography about a heroic and ambitious woman's struggle for independence, and her complex relationship with her mother.

The Switch
Based on a true story. Through sheer courage and determination, wheelchair user Larry McAfee turns his life into a personal triumph. With Gary Cole (The West Wing) and Craig T. Nelson (The District)

Rough Riders
Tom Berenger stars as Theodore Roosevelt, the Spanish-American War hero and future United States President, who leads a charge on San Juan Hill, in part 1 of this incredible epic adventure. Pt 1 of 2.