CES 2013: Cisco Videoscape Unity brings together advanced multiscreen video services

Editor | 07-01-2013

The first fruits of the buyout of NDS by Cisco have been revealed in the form of the Videoscape Unity video services delivery platform.

Integrating the Cisco and NDS video portfolio, the new Videoscape Unity, platform is claimed to be able to empower service and content providers to deliver “unified and unique” video experiences across all screens.

The original Videoscape platform made its debut in 2011 but with the upgrade, Cisco says that for the first time video operators will have an agile, open software platform that goes above and beyond “TV Everywhere” services, empowering operators to speed the delivery of immersive multiscreen video experiences that advance their unique service and brand visions. Such experiences include a multiscreen cloud digital video recorder (DVR) which offers cloud-driven video recording with capture and storage in the cloud instead of the end device.

In addition a TV Everywhere proposition supports unified search, discovery, and viewing functions to allow consumers to watch premium live and on-demand content on any (service provider managed or unmanaged) connected device regardless of location. At the heart of this will be Cisco’s Connected Video Gateway serves as a single entertainment hub, with back-end management of IP and QAM video, for distributing video content and metadata to any IP-connected device in the home, while providing a unified user experience.

Videoscape Unity can be deployed in one of many end-to-end pretested configurations, which can be tailored to each operator’s service plan. Operators can also opt to select individual components and tailor them into their operations via open interfaces.

Already some of the biggest operators in Europe have given their endorsement of the new platform. Said Alan Nair, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Liberty Global: “The entertainment landscape is continually evolving. Consumers are interacting and discovering content in new ways…Our partners, NDS and Cisco, are providing us the technology to deliver on this promise. [LGI’s] Horizon platform, and our work with Cisco/NDS, positions us with a next-generation video service that will take us to the next level and provides both the infrastructure and innovation that we need to continually surpass our customers' expectations.”

Added Len Barlik, executive vice president, chief product officer, Cox Communications: “Consumers expect more choice, freedom and flexibility in what they watch, and when, where, and how they watch it. They want to shape and socialise what is displayed on their own screens. Working with both Cisco and NDS has helped us to evolve our video services platform beyond TV Everywhere to more ‘TV your way,’ personalised video experiences, giving our subscribers more of what they enjoy.