PCs, smartphones, tablets and HDTVs slug it out as multifunction devices rule

Joseph O'Halloran | 07-01-2013

The consumer electronics market is now predominantly a four-horse race among multi- PCs, smartphones, tablets and HDTVs with consumers less likely to buy single-function electronics new research from Accenture has found.

By stark contrast, the Accenture 2013 Global Consumer Electronics Products and Services Usage Report find that intentions to buy multi-function devices have increased dramatically,from 16% a year ago to 36% for desktop and laptop PCs; from 27% to 41% for smartphones; 20% to 33% for HDTVs; 16% to 23% for tablets.Consumers’ intentions to purchase single-function devices have fallen or remained flat compared with the 2012 survey.

Consumers displayed a distinct lack of loyalty to any single operating system for use on most multifunction devices. Nearly two-thirds (66%) indicated they might consider purchasing a mobile or computing device with a different operating system. Just under a quarter would consider a switch to “see what else is on the market”; 23% to “have a better user experience with another operating system”; and the same percentage would do so to “get access to more innovative services and applications.”

Commenting on the research, Mattias Lewren, managing director for Accenture’s Electronics and High-Tech industry group said: “This development amounts to a call to action for electronics manufacturers. They need to focus squarely on innovative devices with multiple applications, from browsing to media consumption to communications in various settings. Consumers want ‘do-it-all’ capabilities in various sizes and user experiences that fit their different lifestyle needs… The platforms that offer a more intuitive user experience, and diverse and sticky applications with compatibility across devices, will be key to creating consumer loyalty in this four-horse race.”