Uruguay to allocate seven new TV licences

Iñaki Ferreras | 08-01-2013

Uruguay's Government is to allocate seven new free-to-air digital TV licences after approving a plan in December.
This plan provides for the allocation of three new private channels, two community channels and two public channels after certain conditions are met, reports Next TV Latam.
According to El Observador, the Mexican entrepreneur Tenfiel's Angel González, the Plenario Intersindical de Trabajadores and a group including La Diaria have all shown interest in this project.
The licences will be given according to the bidders' scores in eight different areas. For example, those who propose fewer than 10 advertising minutes per hour between the 6pm and the 12pm will get the maximum number of points for that category. And those who propose more than 15 minutes of advertising per hour will get 0 points.