United States of multi-device content consumption

Editor | 08-01-2013

Second screen is now firmly established in US homes where, as revealed by Nielsen, Americans are 'consuming content on every device under the sun', encompassing TVs, smartphones, tablets and game consoles.
In a stark indication of the multifaceted nature of the US TV market, Nielsen's latest US Consumer Usage Report 2012 found that 289 million people own at least one television set. Drilling down, 31 million owned one set; 64 million, two sets; 75 million, three; and a staggering 119 million - nearly twice the population of the UK - had four or more.
The survey also revealed that consumers were spending more time with more media
across all devices. In terms of device and platform ownership in American homes, just over half (52%) had digital cable and a third had satellite TV. Three-quarters had HD-capable screens, 56% had game consoles, just under half had DVR, while merely 4% had an Internet-enabled TV
Looking at what Americans did on these platforms, traditional TV accounted for 144 hours, 54 minutes in people's lives each month with time-shifted TV clocking in at 11h:33m. Video on mobile phones and online video racked up 5h:20m and 5h:51m respectively.
A total of 162 million Americans watched online video. The survey found that the top online video destinations were: YouTube, attracting 136.1 million unique users; Yahoo!, 37.9 million; VEVO, 37.8 million; AOL, 24.9 million; and Facebook 22.6 million.
By contrast, general Internet viewing on a computer accounted for 28h:29m each month, and game console viewing 6h:26m. Nielsen also found that the number of social media users continues to increase across all platforms as consumers use social networking as a vehicle to navigate what it described as an ever-expanding media universe.