Let ME entertain you as Sprint beefs up mobile video and TV

Editor | 09-01-2013

Video and TV services will be the key drivers of Entertain ME, a new service from US mobile operator Sprint designed to give users a single place to discover and purchase entertainment services.
Located within Sprint Zone on Sprint Android devices, Entertain ME provides search, online and offline playback for music and access to live and video-on-demand content via Sprint TV & Movies which is delivered by leading mobile entertainment provider MobiTV. The bouquet includes more than 15 channels of news and daytime, primetime and kids' entertainment, including full episodes of popular prime time TV shows and live sports from ESPN, including the NBA, MLB, college football and basketball.
Now, more than ever, it's important to offer our customers helpful ways to make the most of their smartphones and the apps and services it can offer," said Fared Adib, senior vice president, product development and operations at Sprint. "Entertain ME makes it easy for customers to search for, listen to and watch what they want ... Entertain ME also delivers a great discovery mechanism for the third-party services we feature there."
Going forward, the company also offered the guarantee that the service will continue to evolve with more content.