CES 2013: Opera launches new TV store

Michelle Clancy | 09-01-2013

Opera Software has launched a new version of its Opera TV Store at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
As well as speed and performance improvements, the most significant revamp is to the user interface, which has been updated with an improved search and discovery experience.
The store also has added new apps from Flingo and adRise, including the Havoc Television, The Bold and The Beautiful, and Asian Crush apps. Other new apps in the Opera TV Store include CNN Expansion, Freshmilk TV and Fashion Daily TV.
In terms of the interface, there are now new categories for featured apps and new algorithms for prioritisation of apps based on popularity, vendor, device and geographic location. OEMs and operators can control placement in their own devices, maximising usage and protecting their investment in services.
"We resolved to bring users of the Web on TV a better app experience in the New Year, and here it is," said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. "The restyled Opera TV Store now makes it even easier for users to get to the apps they want and the content they need."
The Opera TV Store is an HTML5-based application framework built on Opera's advanced browsing engine, giving users a rich selection of entertaining apps and providing one of the most advanced Web development environments for developers.
Opera Software is also previewing a future version of the Opera TV Store at CES, which includes side-by-side functionality for apps to enhance the TV experience by interacting with programmes the viewer is watching. For example, viewers can watch a football game and use an app beside it on screen to vote on the result, or view a film and check information on an actor.
Leading set-top box manufacturer Humax has already committed to launching the Opera TV Store on its new STBs in 2013. With the Opera TV Store on Humax's new set-top boxes this will allow users access to online content that has already been optimised for TV screens.
"People tend to consume more content on the Internet these days. Sometimes, you need a bigger screen to enjoy this," commented Tae Hun Kim, head of the business division, Humax. "Humax chose the Opera TV Store to deliver video-rich and graphics-rich online content through our set-top boxes and take the TV viewing experience to a new level."
The Opera TV Store is now available on Sony Bravia TVs and Blu-ray disc players.