YouView software update as live TV search

January 9, 2013 10.55 Europe/London By Julian Clover

YouView has announced the start of a phased rollout of a new software update. The upgrade to the YouView Humax receiver will be followed by the introduction of the software to YouView boxes on the BT and TalkTalk managed networks.

Included in the release is the introduction of Live TV content into the Search function. It means viewers will be able to search for current and future programmes over a period of seven days.

If the programme is currently on air it will be possible to immediately tune to the channel. Those in the future can have a recording set.

Also on the way is support for Dolby surround sound over HDMI and a new HDNI setting that addresses problems within the HDMI display settings.

Providing the receiver has not been switched off the update will be automatically downloaded overnight.