AsiaSat 3S to broadcast Zhwandoon TV
by Clayton Vallabhan on Jan 7, 2013

AsiaSat has announced that Zhwandoon radio television network of Afghanistan has signed a lease with the satellite operator for bandwidth on Asiasat 3S C-band satellite. It will use the satellite to transmit Zhwandoon TV to audiences in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Middle East, South Asia and other parts of Asia Pacific.

Zhwandoon TV is a free-to-air channel, offering programming in the Pashto and Dari languages, with content ranging from news, entertainment, sports, music, religious content, as well as social, educational and political programmes.

We are excited to put our service on AsiaSat 3S that delivers our programming effectively to the entire country and takes our services abroad, serving overseas audience in more 50 countries and regions across the Asia Pacific. AsiaSat 3S is the regions most popular satellite for programme distribution. Its excellent penetration into rebroadcast networks in our country and in Asia will help increase our local and overseas viewership, said Mohammad Ismael Yoon, CEO of Zhwandoon TV.

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Zhwandoon TV to AsiaSat 3Ss exciting portfolio of Pashto and Dari language programming. AsiaSat 3Ss leading position in distributing a wide range of programming to an audience of different cultures in Asia is well recognised and appreciated by broadcasters from all over the world, said William Wade, president and CEO of AsiaSat.