CES 2013: Aspera launches fasp 3.1 for fast video file transfer

Michelle Clancy | 10-01-2013

The latest version of Aspera's high speed transfer platform and software development kit (SDK) for extreme datasets is now available for enterprise and Aspera On Demand cloud-based subscription service.
The new version offers support for passing an arbitrarily large number of individual source items to an ascp transfer session, allowing all Aspera client and plugin products, ascp command line usage and third-party usage to pass billions of unique individual files and directories to a fasp session for transfer.
It also offers the ability to uniquely rename each source item at the destination and to secure the session with the Aspera token authorisation independent of number of items. And, it has fully integrated support for browsing and transfer with Aspera On Demand servers for Microsoft Azure and Azure Blob storage.
Meanwhile, the latest version of Aspera's high speed Web browser plug-in now supports simplified Chinese, Japanese, French and Spanish in addition to English. The transfer plug-in automatically sets the language based on a system's language settings, and is fully compatible with the Connect 3.0 APIs for embedding fasp transport in modern web apps and all Aspera Web applications, including faspex and Shares.
When it comes to the fasp manager SDK for embedding the Aspera fasp client and server capability in third-party applications, it now has new Java and .NET versions that support all Aspera ascp options of the fasp 3 generation.
It has new and enhanced sample applications for Java and .NET document best practices and target distributions for all of the latest Visual Studio and .NET frameworks.
And, the Node API provides secure and authenticated fasp session set-up, authorization, and file browsing, across all storage types (local, SAN/NAS, or cloud) through a REST interface.