KIT digital spin-off changes into utd. by content

Editor | 10-01-2013

The spun-off content solutions division of KIT digital has undertaken a corporate rebranding into utd. by content.
The move is the fulfilment of plans the media management and digital distribution services provider has had since its inception as a wholly independent business at the end of June 2012.
Underpinning the relaunch and the new brand identity is a drive to unite customers with their audiences, by "harnessing and unleashing the new power of content". At present, these customers include the likes of Warner Bros, Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, Arvato Entertainment, Concorde Home Entertainment, Koch Media, FremantleMedia and Universal Pictures.
Insisting that the process will give it a renewed vision as it "sits at the nexus of an industry that is transforming", utd. by content feels that it can take advantage in a marketplace where digital formats, along with the increasing consumer thirst for "on-demand, on-the-go" media has left media companies and distributors in need of a partner who can combine services with technology.
Furthermore, it sees customer demand for a partner who can prepare, transform, optimise or deliver content for an increasing variety of end-points including digital cinema, home entertainment, online, and digital platforms.
"The global media and entertainment industry is going through a period of unprecedented disruption, due to the prevailing growth of digital technologies and the explosion in mobile device usage," said Petr Stransky, CEO of the new utd. by content, explaining the move. "How people consume media is changing rapidly. However, the desire of consumers to watch great content is higher than ever. We know content and we are passionately committed to ensuring it is united with hungry audiences in new and innovative ways. This puts us at the very forefront of an industry transitioning into a new era."