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Thread: Openbox/Skybox F3 or technomate 5402

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    Openbox/Skybox F3 or technomate 5402

    I need some help
    I quiet like the technomate 5402.
    I had a google search and I found Openbox and Skybox F3 cheaper and both has a card sharing
    My last question is does technomate 5402 is a lot better than Openbox or Skybox F3 as the technomate is almost 3 times more expensive?

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    Re: Openbox/Skybox F3 or technomate 5402

    Technomate is more quality,and have a Most sensitive tuner.....

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    Re: Openbox/Skybox F3 or technomate 5402

    has more memory on tm5402 for channel lists usefull if using motorised and has the sharp tuner

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    Re: Openbox/Skybox F3 or technomate 5402

    hi i have a decoder skybox minisolo not remember what it gets to update the channels, give me a hand?

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