Eredivisie Live launches app for Xbox 360

January 11, 2013 09.44 Europe/London By Robert Briel

The Dutch premium football channel Eredivisie Live is launching an app for the Xbox Live platform, allowing viewers to buy pay-per-view live games and watch free highlights.

Games are available for €6.95 per game and a subscription to Xbox Live Gold is mandatory. The free highlights are available every Monday following the games during the weekend.

Arno de Jong, director of media and marketing, Eredivisie Live, said in a statement: “After the introduction of the Eredivisie Live mobile apps for Android and iPhone devices, the launch of our app on Xbox 360, one of the biggest gaming platforms in the Netherlands, is a new step in the development of our multimedia strategy. With Eredivisie Live we are present on all platforms and screens, so fans will always have the best possible access to football.”

Thijs van Doorn, senior product marketing manager Xbox, added: “With the exclusive launch of Eredivisie Live, we extend the availability of locally relevant entertainment on the Xbox 360 platform. Premium videos are very popular on the Xbox platform and football is well adapted to the interests of our audience. And the magic of Kinect makes ordering a game very easy, a remote control is not necessary, a gesture is enough “